A kids craft project about Peter Rabbit

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This Little Peter Rabbit craft, with it’s moving fly, was inspired by my inability to stop humming the song about him and the fly on his nose.
You know the one, right?
I think this earworm was firmly embedded as a result of the combination of Easter and the new Peter Rabbit movie.

Here in Australia at Easter, we replace “Peter Rabbit” with “Barry Bilby” when singing this ditty.
Feral rabbits are a pest here in Australia that destroy the habitats of our native fauna.
To raise awareness about the environmental damage that rabbit cause, whilst drawing attention to the plight of endangered species, conservation groups have made the bilby an Australian Easter icon.

What you will need:

Bunny or Bilby template DOWNLOAD BELOW
Dowel / craft stick
Craft stick
Art supplies for colouring

How to:

Print off your Bunny or Bilby template.

Trace your bunny or bilby onto cardboard. As per usual, we just reused old boxes.
Glue your paper onto the cardboard. We used old White Pages.

This Peter Rabbit craft also coincided with a clean-out of the craft cupboard.
We rediscovered the chalk pastels and oil pastels.
I presented those materials and let the children create.
Mr almost-2 went rogue and found some stickers I had doodled on. I adore what he did.

Draw a fly and glue it onto a craft stick.

Cut two slots into the body of your puppet and thread the craft stick through. You may need to widen these slots to allow for “wiggle” room. Depends on how exuberant you want your fly to be.

Tape dowel to the back of the cardboard.
Prepare to sing “Little Peter Rabbit Had a Fly Upon His Nose” a gazillion times!

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