Dear Blogosphere,

Well- this is a bit awkward.
It has been awhile between posts, hasn’t it?

Please find below my list of excuses.


1) I returned to work from maternity leave.
Man, that whole work thing is time-consuming. And labour-intensive.

2) I then found out I was growing a second tiny human. Being pregnant + raising a tornado toddler left my energy levels at about -600%.
Plus baby brain IS a thing, people!

3) I kinda felt like my well of creative inspiration had dried up. I was having an ideas drought and I didn’t feel like writing.
I started this blog to help me achieve my dream of becoming a picture book author.
The time and effort required to maintain a blog took me away from the picture book writing.
This made me resentful of my blog. How do I deal with resentment?
With avoidance. Mature, I KNOW!

Plus there was the small matter of a short film that my husband and I were making that took up what little creative energy I had.
(You can check out more about that project here.)

4) A friend once described me as a “walking set of contradictions.” (I think it was meant to be a compliment?!)
I love blogging and connecting with people but I’m also a person who guards their privacy.
Sometimes sharing my thoughts and snippets of my life via this platform is weary, y’know?
Especially when my little family was expanding and experiencing such a momentous, private event.

I LOVE social media but I’m also conscious of how much of my life I give to screen time.
I want to connect via my blog but I don’t want to be married to my computer or phone.

It’s complicated in my head, dealing with all these competing contradictions.

So I thought maybe I could just let this blog drop into oblivion.
Drop out of the blogosphere and no one would notice.
Kinda like when you slip out of a party or event without farewelling anyone. (Or is that just me?)

Then I remembered this post about how my whole life has consisted of dabbling in things and then not seeing them through.
I don’t want this blog to be something I dabbled in. I want to see it through to a destination of which I am still unsure.
But let’s see where it takes us, shall we?

I feel my blogging mojo returning and I’m inspired by blogs written by women also raising young families.
Awesome sauce women like:
Chantelle @ Fat Mum Slim
Stacey @ Veggie Mama
Dr Sash @ From the Left Field
Babs @ Patchwork Cactus
Sonia @ Life Love & Hiccups
Megan @ Children’s Books Daily
Lauren @ The Thud

Please take this as a sign of my renewed blogging commitment.
Enough with the excuses.

Can we still be friends?
Shannon xx