Roosevelt QuoteAfter attending a workshop on picture book writing last week, I needed to remind myself of these words from Roosevelt.
In between chopping up fruit, picking up numerous hair elastics and having squishy baby hugs, I’m trying to polish my manuscripts for submission.
And I need to remember….. little steps, little steps….
How has your week been?

My dream is to be a published picture book author.
Which gives me an awesome excuse to make one of these gorgeous dream catchers.
I have previously discussed my huge, random collection of embroidery hoops.

I used embroidery hoops as decorations at my wedding.
This week I’m helping to decorate a friend’s wedding, and I get to use my hoops again.
(I knew my hoarding would pay off one day.)
Pinterest didn’t even exist when I got married. So, I have relished the chance to live vicariously through my friend and help her plan her decorations.
I have been fawning over this Wes Anderson wedding.
And this wedding! 4 words- Pom Poms on Sticks! (They also used embroidery hoops. It’s a thing, you guys!)

It is fair to predict that I shall be Instagramming the pom pom out of my friend’s wedding.
Speaking of Instagram and Pinterest, I often have to remind myself of these words…
Comparison is the thief of joy(Again from Roosevelt! I think he may be my life coach.)
Kate’s post about how social media can suck us into a world of ridiculous comparison is spot on.

Spring flowers
These gloriously delightful flower crowns from Willowday are going on my Spring To-Do List.
And I’ll probably Instagram them. Always with the Instagram.

Truth be told, I do try to keep it light and fluffy round these parts.
However, it has been a very heavy fortnight on the news front.
I have been captivated by this relatively new Facebook page, New Humans of Australia.
Inspired by Humans of New York, it gives a voice to people so frequently maligned by the media.
I find it humbling.

I hope you all have a glorious week, free of comparison and filled with flower crowns and dream catchers.
If you’d like your week to also be filled with pom poms, I can guarantee that via my Instagram feed.
See you there? x

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