Pom PomsI’m slowly, but surely, reclaiming my life from pom-poms.
How has your week been?

So, one of the highlights of my week (okay, life) was making Babs’ list of
18 Creative Ladies You Should Totally Follow on Instagram. Squeeee!

Speaking of lists, here are 13 glorious picture books that celebrate the lives of some amazing people.

Speaking of amazing people, meet the 104-year-old who helped yarn-bomb her town. Legend.

I think my future needs to contain some deadline parties.

As a parent, my future definitely needs to contain some of these fortune cookies.

Did you ever partake in chain mail as a young one?
I kind of think that this is the bloggy equivalent.
Sammie is one of the nicest people in all of the Interwebs.
Her answers were super interesting. (Kibbutz! 2 Honeymoons! Ferris Bueller!)
Can’t wait to answer her questions!

What has been the highlight of your week?

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