FeathersIf there is one thing you read online this week, please make it this article by Elizabeth Gilbert on tips for a creative life. Praise be to Pip for posting it.
Yes. Just yes. To all of it.

This post from The Print Posse has a sensational wrap-up of online places to visit when you need some creative inspo and motivation.
I loved Gabbie’s link to Joss Whedon’s Guidelines For Getting It Done.

You know I’m a fan of pom poms (I promise, I’ll try not to mention them again for awhile after this post.)
But Bec’s tutorial on Pom-Pom Cupcakes is just the sweetest. It made me all squealy.flowersHow are the school holidays going at yours?
Check out Kate’s super simple and engaging invitation to play with four tubs.
Here’s a list of (cheap) things to do at home with the kidlets that I compiled last holidays.
Please could someone make this cute felt colour wheel?
(My sewing skills are negligible so I BAGS NOT.)

I’m conducting a random survey. Hands up if you watched Charmed once upon a time?
Discussing last night’s Super Moon with my husband and he mentioned how the plot of Charmed had something to do with the Super Moon. I professed to never having watched Charmed.
Cue much ridicule from the Man of the House.
Apparently, everybody has watched Charmed.
Is this correct? (I suspect Alyssa Milano may have been a major drawcard for my Husband’s apparent devotion.)

What’s in store for you this week?

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