Flowers www.ohcreativeday.comHope you’re all feeling happy on this Monday!
Speaking of which, seemingly ageless singer Pharrell, has published a children’s book, Happy.
He turns up to a press conference to be interviewed about it. The journalists are a bunch of school kids.

My Man and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the weekend.
I hope we get to celebrate as many anniversaries as this gorgeous couple.
Love conquers all.

This weekend we also went to see George Miller discuss his creative development of Mad Max: Fury Road.
He discussed how growing up in an isolated community lead to him relying on his imagination for a lot of his childhood. I often lament how “kids these days” don’t get enough opportunity to develop their imagination.
Small worlds are a great way to facilitate imaginative play.
Nichole at You Clever Monkeys has a fantastic round-up of small worlds.

Check out what this clever mama is doing…
Hana has developed an amazing range of activities to take her kids around the world in 80 days.
From the comfort of her home! They’ve just made it to Africa….

I’ve been having lots of fun over on Instagram playing along with Meri Cherry’s #30invitationstoplay challenge.
To end out the week, we made these Spring Snow Globes using foraged flowers and bits and bobs from the craft cupboard. So simple but so fun.

Spring Snow Globes

I asked Sarah some hard-hitting questions. Here are her responses.
(Any other Saddle Club fans out there?!)

Ever wondered how all the super-cool bloggers create their word picture thingys?
Babs shares the best apps for creating quote images. Go forth and make lots of word picture thingys.

What big plans do you have for the week?
And seriously- does Pharrell age?

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