L_O_V_E www.ohcreativeday.comI love me a good social media story.
Let’s kick off the week with this one about a little girl and a skateboarder.

Last week, I beat myself up about not doing “enough.”
(Were the planets doing something weird last week? What was with last week?)
Then Elizabeth Gilbert came in and gave me this pep talk.
Let’s stop comparing and second-guessing, okay?

“You want to be easy-going and loyal this week, excellent. Next week you want to add ambitious to that mix? Even better.
That’s the beauty of being your own boss when it comes to saying who you are. You decide.”
Melissa is pretty much my online life coach at the moment.

Over on Instagram of late, Cathy has had me reminiscing about a New Year’s Eve I spent in Prague.
Her Prague pictures are being showcased over at Pierced Wonderings.

When I was at uni, I spent a year living in Italy.
Malinda’s post transported me back to my trip along the Cinque Terre, toting my tattered backpack and living on a diet of bread rolls and cheese.
Have you been?

Babs has blown my mind and made coconut jellies. With only 3 ingredients.
She’s clever like that. They look delightful!

I know I need to increase my water intake. I know.
Perhaps if I make it all pretty-looking like this, it will improve my motivation.
I’m fickle. I know.

We went to a gorgeous wedding on the weekend.
The Bride is a Kindy teacher and had her students help with the table settings.
I’m going to leave you with some wise love advice from Leon.
You’re welcome.

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