Monday MeanderIf Grandpa arrived at your place, bearing the above sweet treats for your little ones, would you:
A) Immediately stage an intervention and confiscate them?
B) Allow the kids to devour them and then demand that grandpa babysits until the sugar high wears off?
C) Smile serenely. Thank Grandpa. Let the kids eat them and then deal with the aftermath with the patience of a saint?

I went with A. (They’re still sitting in my pantry.)

Things have been a struggle on the food front here lately.
One day, The Little Ladybird loves ham. The next day, she detests it.
She loves yoghurt at lunch time. By dinner time, it the most abhorrent food of them all.
It’s exhausting and quite frankly demoralising.
I have started hiding veggies in a variety of creative ways.
In this podcast, Simone discusses whether or not we should hide the veggies.
Lots of food for thought. (Puns are the best, okay?)

Hummus was a big hit here last week.
Hana has a secret ingredient in her hummus. (It’s a bit genius.)
Can’t wait to give her recipe a try.

Ever wondered what advertising would look like if companies were brutally honest?
Probably like this.

If you grew up in the 90s, you may love this playlist.
Thanks Shannon for the epic trip down memory lane!

HappyA funny thing happened to me this week on Instagram.
I posted this pic of Pharrell’s picture book version of Happy. And the man himself liked it.
The world of social media is so weird and wonderful.

I’ve professed my love for Instagram on numerous occasions.
I love it because it fits in well with my life at the moment. Bite-sized glimpses into other lives and worlds as I chase my toddler and nurse my baby. Most of all, I love it for it’s ability to connect.
Via Insty, I’ve connected with some very cool people.
Like Jess, one half of BooksyandNovella.
She also writes honestly about mothering and anxiety on her blog.
The lady has a way with words.

Evelyn and I bonded over picture books and our mutual admiration for Karen O.
Pop over to her blog and say hello. Instagram is the best.

What are your plans for the week?
Anyone else slightly freaked out by how FULL the calendar is looking from now on until Christmas?