How to Spend 50K in a Day
How was your weekend?
The Oh Creative Day family are recovering from a rather epic weekend.
The combination of a crazy heatwave plus a bout of gastro slayed us. Majorly.
On Friday night, we also held the official cast and crew screening of our short film.
This mamma is ex-haust-ed.
So, if anybody would like to come round and take over my kitchen, I’d like some of Bec’s Coconut Pancakes.
For dinner, I’ll have a Pear and Brie Brioche Burger.
Please and thank you.

This blog is pretty much brought to you by sleep deprivation and coffee.
And chocolate.
This Affogato Dessert Bar idea is totally my idea of heaven.

How is your Christmas present shopping going?
Tash is smashing it out of the ballpark with her Christmas Gift Guides for kids.
Each comprehensive guide is targeted at a particular age group.
I politely requested that she do a Gift Guide for 43-year-old brother-in-laws.
Sadly, Tash is only going up to the 10+ age group.
She directed me on to the Navy Crockett website. It’s a site filled with gifts for the hard-to-buy-for man.
The woman is a Gifting Genius.

I’ve been posting some crafty DIY Christmas present ideas.
Shibori tea towel for Nan? A play dough kit for the school friends?
And I’m also running a little competition to win a $50 voucher to spend on Christmas decorations.

Play Dough Toys

Advent calendars. Yay or nay?
We do a picture book advent calendar in these parts.
Karin has you sorted with a fabulous free printable if you need to get your advent on.

I’m typing this on a Saturday night.
Once upon a time, I used to be cool and do cool stuff, like go out, on Saturday nights.
These days, I spend my Saturday nights on Facebook, messaging Justin Bieber videos back and forth to my bestie.
Skip to 8:47 to see Biebs sing Alanis Morisette.
Who even am I anymore?

How do you spend your Saturday nights? Are you a Belieber?
Have a super week xx