Oh Creative DayWelcome to the Week of the Bunny!
How is Easter celebrated at your place?
Easter is my favourite of all the celebrations.
It just doesn’t have the “pressure” associated with Christmas. I find it a much more laid back affair.
Plus, chocolate.
Here are some of my Easter-y faves from around the Web.

If you’re not yet feeling the Easter spirit, Bron’s round-up of delightful Easter craftiness should do the trick.
Best consumed with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns.
How cute are the clay bunny bowls? And the pineapple eggs?

What are your plans for the Easter weekend?
We’ll be having the family around for a low-key barbecue on Sunday.
Luckily we don’t have a crazy Uncle Bobby or any difficult relatives.
(Just a temperamental toddler. And a teething baby.)
If Uncle Bobby is appearing at yours this weekend, Gretchen Rubin has your back with 8 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays.
It could alternatively just be titled “How to Thoroughly Enjoy Your Holidays.”

Once we have consumed copious amounts of barbecued foods, I’m planning on serving this amazing prosecco jelly from Jamie Oliver.
(Did you hear about Oliver Baby #5 on the way? Way to go, Jamie and Jools!)

So the aforementioned barbecue came swaddled in the most ridiculous amount of packaging.
I’m currently on a quest to reuse as much of the packaging as possible in crafty ways.
Exhibit A: Fruit Threading Cards
Oh Creative DayExhibit B: Rainbow Nesting Easter Egg
Oh Creative Day

In amongst my barbecue-packaging craft this week, I’m going to attempt sewing these Easter Bunnies from Trixi.
(Anyone else still recovering from their high school sewing classes?!)

I hope your printer ink levels are high- Tash has sourced some fantastic free Easter printables.

Or you could create your own Easter cards.
These Giant Egg Cards from Bonnie and her kids just look so fun!

I’m really keen to give egg decorating a go this Easter. Any tips?
The mind boggles at all of these egg decorating ideas over at Hello, Wonderful.

Last week I created this Dress-Up Felt Easter Bilby.
In 25 minutes.
On my driveway.
Whilst the kids napped in the air-conditioned car.
I was super proud of my efforts. Crafting like a boss and all.
Until an InstaBuddy jokingly questioned whether my Bilby was getting all inappropriate with the chocolate egg.
Pop over and give me your verdict.
But be warned, some things cannot be unseen.

Let’s return to some more wholesome conversation.
Here are 8 gorgeous picture books about bunnies and bilbies.
Do you have a favourite Easter picture book in your household? (If I have to read the Peppa Pig Easter book, one more time…….)

Wishing you all a fab Easter filled with love and laughter. And chocolate.