Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments

 I recently posted some kid-made necklaces created from glue and paint over on The Craft Train. They have been a big hit here with my 5-year-old. (Spoiler: If you're her mate, you're getting one for Christmas. She has a necklace-making factory in operation.) As we've...

Gift Ideas for Creative Kids

Looking for some gift ideas for creative kids? I've got you covered. But, hold up. I believe that all kids are creative. So really this article should carry the title of "Gift Ideas for Kids." A mere trifle. When I'm on the hunt for good gift ideas for kids, I'm...

Spin Art Christmas Cards for Kids

There is nothing quite like receiving a lovingly handmade kiddy Christmas card. These spin art Christmas cards for kids use a process that is high on the fun-o-meter. Spin art is also a quick way for generating heaps of colourful art for the Christmas card list. What...

FREE PRINTABLE Kids’ Birthday Interview

We're madly wrapping presents and planning cakes in preparation for my eldest's 5th birthday. (She requested a love heart cake. Then a cat-shaped cake. Now we're back at the love heart request.) Birthdays always make me sentimental and nostalgic. Do you have any...

Prawn on the Barbie Summer Craft

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks ever so much for your support! When I think of summer in Australia, I feel the searing heat of the sun on my skin. Salty lips. Beach hair. Lazy days. Backyard BBQs. Prawns. Yes, prawns. Because I can't think of a BBQ without...

Craftmas: The Ultimate Christmas Crafts Collab

All right stop, collaborate and listen. I'm fairly certain that Vanilla Ice was not referring to this kind of collaboration when he sang "Ice, Ice Baby." But I can't help humming it when I think about the Craftmas collaboration. 15 creative ladies from across the...

Reindeer Wall Hanging

A reindeer walks into a bar.... oh wait, no, wrong story. A reindeer lands on an island. How did this reindeer land on an island? Well, that's how this reindeer wall hanging came about. Awhile back, I connected with an amazingly rad group of creative ladies over on...

Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

  Every Christmas, I ambitiously plan all these projects we are going to tackle in the lead up- baking, decluttering and donating to charity, Christmas crafts, homemade gifts the kids can make..... I am then alarmed to discover that December does not indeed...

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