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I spend large parts of my days conversing with an almost 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, whilst cooing at a newborn. Conversations with the almost 4-year-old can be epic. "No. I'm not sure why there aren't footpaths in the clouds." "You want your apples cut into...

Transport Themed Party

My little guy is nuts for anything to do with transport. Which presents an interesting challenge for me because apparently a truck is not always just a truck. I've also had to increase my knowledge base around construction vehicles. The things we do for our kids. As...

Rooster Craft for Chinese New Year

Create this rooster craft for Chinese New Year with a simple art process. Last week I introduced Miss 3 to the process of tissue paper bleeding and it just about blew her mind. Just quietly, it also blew my mind as to how long it kept her engaged. We then turned the...

Fairy Bread Craft for Australia Day

Make this simple fairy bread craft for Australia Day with the kids. The mere thought of shopping with two small humans generally leads to me breaking a cold sweat and a racing heart rate. As a result, I do a fair bit of online shopping which leads to a fair few...

Dragon Craft for Chinese New Year

Welcome in the Year of the Rooster with this dragon craft for Chinese New Year, made out of household recyclables. I'm never quite ready for the New Year to begin on January 1st. I always feel like I'm still in a fog of holidaze and chasing my tail. Luckily for me, my...

Process Art Valentine’s Wall Hanging

Truth be told, we don't really "do" Valentine's Day at our place. Mr Day spins that story about "It's just a Hallmark event...." "I don't need a specific day to tell you that I love you..." blah blah blah. This does not, however, stop me from jumping aboard the...

14 Christmas Sewing Projects for Kids

Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas sewing projects for kids? You might need one after this post! You may be thinking, "SEWING WITH KIDS?! ARE YOU KIDDING, SHANNON?!" I am not the world's most confident seamstress, but even I managed a little felt...

DIY Christmas Crackers Using Kids’ Artwork

It's that time of the year when kiddy artwork comes flooding in from school and day care. What do you do with all the piles and piles of masterpieces? I've written previously about 7 ways to repurpose your kids' artworks. Christmas time is the perfect time to...

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I’m a mama and a teacher celebrating our perfectly imperfect attempts at living a creative life.
AKA trying to remain sane whilst raising 3 kids under 5 and holding unrealistic life expectations thanks to Pinterest.

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