Extraordinary Parenting by Eloise Rickman: REVIEW

It was about Week Eleventy Billion of COVID-19 Lockdown, when the team at Scribe asked if I'd like to review a copy of Extraordinary Parenting by Eloise Rickman. (This is an affiliate link.) My answer was a resolute and possibly-too-enthusiastic YES. Eloise is a...

We Are the Memory Keepers

All photos in this post are by Sharon Troy-Baldwin. Sharon gifted us a "Day in the Life" session. Thank you, Sharon! How do you record family memories? The year ends. I start creating a family photo album, sifting through photos from the year that was. What happy...

5 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Mum Day

You've had minimal sleep. The kids want oats for breakfast, but there are no oats. You try to move through the kitchen but keep tripping over small humans tugging at your pyjama pants. You feeling me? This post came about after such a morning. And then some. The baby...

9 Ways to Make Mum Life Easier

It's midday and so far I have... cut up 4 apples, washed 8 bowls, changed about 392 nappies and Mr 2 has gone through 3 pairs of trousers. (The kid would find a puddle in a desert. For reals.) Mum life can get repetitive, no? Then I remembered I once wrote an article...

School Readiness- Is Your Child Ready?

Like attracts like, right? As a teacher, I am surrounded by teachers. Many of my friends are teacher-y types. My sister-in-law and two besties work in Early Childhood settings. We frequently discuss the topic of school readiness. (This makes us sound like seriously...

Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky Baby

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BioGaia That smiley little face up there belongs to my third babe. Don’t let looks deceive you. She has the amazing ability to go from happy to super A-Grade cranky in the space of 0.03 seconds. It’s quite a sight to...

21 Ways to Help a New Mum

I've become a new mum three times over and have just emerged from the newborn fog. (For the final time. Equal parts YAY! and BOOHOOOO!) Those first few weeks after welcoming a new life into the world are some crazy amazing sleep-deprived and hormone-fuelled days....

4 Ways to Create with Food Pouches

When my firstborn started solids, I lovingly prepared her meals and snacks containing high-quality organic produce picked under a full moon during months only containing two-syllables. When the second-born started solids, I still tried to prepare meals containing...

6 Podcasts to Download

I spend large parts of my days conversing with an almost 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, whilst cooing at a newborn. Conversations with the almost 4-year-old can be epic. "No. I'm not sure why there aren't footpaths in the clouds." "You want your apples cut into...

What to Pack in Your Labour Bag

It seemed a bit ironic to be writing a post on what to pack in your labour bag in the lead-up to a planned home birth with Babe #3. Babe #1 was born in hospital. Babe #2, like #3, was a planned home birth. With both home births, the midwives strongly recommended...

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