Freezer-Friendly Family Meals

AKA Preparing for BabyGeddon We're entering that uncertain period of pregnancy where the baby could arrive ANY DAY. If I look back at my 2 previous pregnancies, I have a familiar behavioural pattern. At about 35 weeks, I'm possessed by this insane nesting instinct to...

21 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

Can you remember your first day at Big School? (I can't so I hope that means it was non-eventful. I hope it doesn't mean it was so traumatic that I've struck it from memory.) Is there anybody at your place starting Big School this year? I've done this...

18 Ways To Help Your Kids With Friendship Issues

  Those words above were uttered to me by a very wise teacher. I often recall these words when a student asks for help with a friendship issue. As a teacher, my job is not to solve the problem for my students. My role is to guide them through the situation and...

Time Savers for Art and Craft with Kids

This post is brought to you in collaboration with JORD Wood Watches. Look, I'm just going to put it out there, but I'm a pretty avid art and crafter with my kiddies. (Have you noticed?!) Often people will marvel at this fact. Bless! (I'm just dabbling in paint and...

A Day in my Life as a Teacher

When I left high school, I went straight into a Communications degree at university. I took up a job in Advertising upon graduating. It then quickly became apparent to me that I did not want to spend my life trying to convince consumers of the benefits of one brand of...

9 Invitations to Create Before Dinner

There are so many possible titles for this post. 18 Invitations to Build and Create! Free Printable to Help You Set Up Invitations to Build and Create Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained so That You Can Focus on Not Burning Dinner (catchy, no?!) Entertain the Kids Until...

GUEST POST: 5 Afternoon Snack Hacks for Busy Parents

Simone from Play With Food was my first online friend who became an In-Real-Life Friend. The friendship was cemented by surviving Yum Cha with 4 kids under 4 upon our first meeting. I love Simone's passion for what she does. Her aim is "to delight the imagination and...

Hi! I’m Shannon

I’m a mama and a teacher celebrating our perfectly imperfect attempts at living a creative life.
AKA trying to remain sane whilst raising 3 kids under 5 and holding unrealistic life expectations thanks to Pinterest.

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