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Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky Baby That smiley little face up there belongs to my third babe. Don’t let looks deceive you. She has the amazing ability to go from happy to super A-Grade cranky in the space of 0.03 seconds. It’s quite a sight to behold. Being my third bub, I feel much more confident in dealing with this crankiness (and the ensuing crying) when it strikes. But I distinctly recall when my firstborn baby would start crying for no apparent reason and it was like playing a guessing game.

“Are you hungry? Are you hot? Is it a dirty nappy? Do you need to be burped? Do you not like the colour of my shirt?””

Then one day somebody casually remarked “perhaps it could be colic?”

To save you from multiple rounds of the guessing game, here is my list of must-haves for a newborn mum with a colicky baby.

Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky BabySnuggle Swaddle

You’d think that by my third baby, I’d know how to swaddle. Nup. I’m rubbish at swaddling. Luckily you can buy these gorgeous Snuggle Swaddles from Snuggle Hunny Kids that take the guesswork out of it all for you. (Much appreciated when bleary-eyed during a 3am feed.)

Original Baby Milestone Cards

These milestone cards from Seriously Milestones are for the parent embracing their perfectly imperfect parenting. Because yes it is important to remember when baby first sat up or crawled. But it’s also important to remember My first poo in the bath” or the “Nappy Explosion! It went (-up my back – down my leg.)”

TopKnot Headbands

My firstborn had this uncanny knack for waking up as soon as I stepped into the shower. Enter the topknot headband. Perfect for masking hair that hasn’t been washed in awhile. I love rocking a TopKnot Girl headband– even if it is just down to the park.

Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky BabyBioGaia Probiotics Drops

There is nothing quite like an excessively crying baby to make you feel heartbroken and helpless. One of the causes of excessive crying, known as baby colic, may be due to not having enough good bacteria in the digestive system.

BioGaia Probiotic Drops, with comforting probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri, helps improve the good bacteria in a baby’s digestive system, helping to restore balance in the tummy. They are suitable for all babies and easy to use. We are all about the gut health here so I’m a big advocate for probiotics.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, please see your healthcare professional.

Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky BabyCute Linen

We lovingly refer to our thirdborn as a “spewy baby.” As a result, everything is always wet. Especially the bedding. Luckily we have a nice selection of Sack Me linen for quick cot changes. (Although I always crave donuts when this fitted sheet is in use.)

what to pack in your labour bagEven if you don’t have a spewy baby, stock up on linen.

Coconut and Sugar Scrub

A newborn mum will always appreciate beauty products that make her feel a bit spesh. Just trust me on this one. I’d actually like some of this scrub from Emmie Lou Natural Face and Body for my birthday (just in case my husband is reading.)

Baby Book

I really wish I had been more diligent with my record-keeping and jotted everything down in a baby book. Learn from my mistakes, people! These baby books from Forever Three are divine.

Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky BabySolar Teether

Just when you think you’ve got the whole parenting gig sorted, teething begins. Be prepared with some functional and insanely cute teethers from ONE.CHEW.THREE. Their silicone necklaces for mums are also gorgeous. (Again, husband- if you’re reading…)

Herbal Tea

Baby-rearing can be thirsty work. Cups of tea are well-earned. A cup of Relax blend from Mama Body Tea sounds like a delightful way to unwind after a day of Mum-ing.

Thermal cup

This was one of the best gifts I was given after baby #3. A cup of tea for a newborn mumma is glorious. A cup of tea that stays warm whilst she changes nappies, feeds and tries to locate baby paraphernalia, is even more glorious.


During my first pregnancy, the parent community of my class all chipped in for a present. They bought me an electronic thermometer. To this day, it remains our most-used baby gift. Clever people.

What were your must-haves as a newborn mumma?

Must-Haves for a Newborn Mum with a Colicky Baby

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