Oh Creative DaySometimes I get cocky.
I’ll be at the shops, a hot, sweaty mess, trying to hustle the kids through the check-out with minimal damage to our surrounds and my wallet.
(The Little Ladybird is currently at the stage of “We’ll buy this, Mum? And this? And this?” whilst wildly grabbing things off shelves.)
A product will catch my eye and I’ll think to myself, “I could make that myself.”

Let this story be known as That One Time Shannon got Cocky at the Garden Centre.
We’re frequent visitors at our local Garden Centre as they have a cafe, fruit shop, cockatoo enclosure and a pet store within the complex.
It’s the perfect place to bide time until kiddy nap time.
Notice I didn’t mention anything about actual gardening stuff?
Because I never go there for the gardening stuff. I do not have a Green Thumb.

So we were there on the weekend visiting the cockatoos, when inspiration struck.
My eyes landed upon those little kits for kids where they get a cute little pot and a packet of grass seeds.
The pot has a face on them and the grass becomes the “hair.”
Inspiration struck!
Instead of gifting chocolate eggs to our little friends this Easter, I could paint up some cute little pots and fill them with herbs and succulents.

Did I mention I know not a lot about gardening?
If you are a Green Thumb reading this post, I apologise in advance.
Often my skill set does not match my expectations. Consider this one of many examples.

Oh Creative DayI bought some Basil, Parsley and Cat Grass seeds.
I pillaged some succulent cuttings from our garden.
Those little pots are biodegradable. (Although I painted on them which probably adversely affects their biodegradability. Sigh.)
I dug out some egg cartons from the recycling bin.
I got my acrylic paint ready.
Then realised I had no potting mix.
I told you I got cocky. (Luckily Mr Day saved the day and went back the next day to grab some.)

I then unleashed the paint.
Oh Creative DayIf you’ve hung out here for awhile, you’ll know that I like to freestyle.
I started by painting ovals for bunny and chick faces before adding ears to the bunnies.
Once these were dry, I added some extra details like dots, beaks and noses.
Oh Creative DayOnce the paint was dry, I used a black permanent marker to pen in facial details.
I pulled this off during a toddler nap session.
When she woke up, I let her loose with her own pots.
Oh Creative DayNow for the potting part. AKA the part in which I have no technical expertise.
You can tell I am no expert, because look at my equipment.
I couldn’t find a trowel so used an old soup spoon.
This was the point at which I realised I was a little bit over my head.
Oh Creative DayI would describe the process as plonking potting mix into the egg cartons and pots, placing the herbs and succulents in, layering in more soil and hoping for the best.
Oh Creative DayThe Little Ladybird thoroughly loved this stage.
Although it is debatable as to whether she got more soil in or out of the pots.
Oh Creative DayOh Creative DayAll our little pots are now sitting in the water play table.
Oh Creative DayAnd now I live in a heightened state of anxiety.
Please, please, please stay alive until Easter.
And please, please, please don’t let the Toddler “re-pot” them.

Taking bets- do you think I’ll be able to keep them alive until Easter?!