Oh Creative AugustHow did August treat you?
Here in Sydney, August is a deceptive, little month.
We get huge hits of sunshine- “Spring is here!” we all cry.
Only to be cruelly hit with more cold snaps and bucketloads of rain.
There is an undercurrent of excitement as we all sense the End of Winter approaching.
Here is a round-up of the bits and bobs of creativity that happened in our August.

It was a certain Little Ladybird’s birthday.
Cue craft-nado.
You can read all about it here.
Hairy Maclary PartyThis of course meant an Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake.
Butterfly CakeWe had a play with dyes.
This craft involved first painting with water on a piece of watercolour paper.
Then filling pipettes with dye and dripping droplets of dye on to the water strokes.
The fun part is watching how the dye runs along the water strokes and colours the page.
Water and Dye
We made our own peg dolls.
This craft required a few too many fine-motor skills for my 2-year-old.
So really we had a great discussion about the colours we were using and the texture of the materials.
I did all the tricky things like sticky-taping and holding things in place.
The Little Ladybird had great fun undressing all the dolls once we had finished the craft.
At least that part involved fine-motor skills, right?!
Peg DollsAfter having an adult-sized tantrum about tripping over the millionth plastic dinosaur, we made a Dinosaur Small World.
Check it out here.
Dinosaur Small WorldOne of my stories was featured over at Kids’ Book Reviews.
It was written around the theme of “Neighbour.”
Our neighbours have amazing mandarin and lemon trees.
Thanks to these trees, we ended the month with a delicious Lemon Syrup Cake.
Lemon Syrup CakeWhat was the highlight of your August?
Does your September have exciting things in store?