Through blogging and Instagramming, I’ve been introduced to an amazing Virtual Sisterhood of Creative Ladies.
The Oh Creative Lady series is your chance to meet these incredible, kind-hearted, inspiring <insert ALL the happy, positive adjectives HERE> women.
It is such a pleasure to introduce my friend and fellow Aussie mama, Heidi from The Harmony Tree House.
I feel as though life at Heidi’s house is a magical mix of whimsy, mud pies, imaginative play and laughter. Heidi is such a warm-hearted, generous and hilarious creative spirit. So many parts of this interview had me giggling or sighing dreamily. Her two boys are so lucky to be able to call her “Mum.”

I am… Heidi. I live in a country town in South Australia, by the sea.
I am the girl with the floral dress and the oversized basket walking through the markets hunting for vintage.
I don’t like winter because it means I have to cover my feet.
The sound of rain on the window pane, the smell of a fresh packet of colour pencils.
Afternoon walks on the beach. I grow what I eat. I wear rose oil on my skin.
I like the colour yellow. I am obsessed with constellations. I have sewn the quilt on my bed.
I drink tea made of peppermint and flowers. I listen to the blues. I collect sea glass.
I like to paint, sometimes with brushes, sometimes with my hands. I like the feeling of squished paint in between my fingers. I have two sons.
Before I was a Mum, I planned weddings and was a florist. I believe in Karma. I am always late. Sometimes I don’t even show up at all.
Thunderstorms energise me. I am a introverted extrovert. I am intuitive.
When I smile I have one crooked tooth. I love to cook. I believe in miracles.
I write myself notes. I have so many ideas, I often forget them. I like getting lost.
Reading is one of my most favourite things to do, except I get sad when the story ends.

I find inspiration in… everything. Seriously. I am very visual and way too dreamy. Inspiration strikes me all day long.
Patterns, colours, sounds you name it. And then I get side tracked creating, and realise I have forgotten to adult. Again.
But mostly I dream about my art and ideas. I am not making it up I promise. I often create art projects in my dreams and then I have to follow through with them when I wake up.
I have a massive canvas hanging in my living room that is a dream I had to paint. It is still one of my most favorite paintings.


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I am excited about… seeing what life has in store for me. I have never really traveled far. There is a lot to explore. I decided I have a date with INDIA on my 40th birthday. A bit of a soul journey is on the cards. I think I want to spend my later life just wandering.
I have big plans for my little Harmony Tree House, I want to see it blossom. I am working on a few big projects at the moment I can not wait to share.
I am also excited about watching my babies grow into men. Although pretty sure they will be taller than me by third grade.

When I am in a creative slump I… sleep. Just joking I never sleep. I don’t do anything, I just ride it out. Like everything it will pass, but like most things eventually you will be able to draw inspiration from it.

I am really proud of… my kids. My greatest achievement by far. And my husband. He is a pretty good egg.


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Someone once told me… if only you could see yourself through my eyes. That person was my mother. And now I am also a mother I know how much love was in that sentence. So if I ever feel low I remember those words and all is right in the world once more.

My advice to you is… never stop dreaming.

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