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Through blogging and Instagramming, I’ve been introduced to an amazing Virtual Sisterhood of Creative Ladies.

The Oh Creative Lady series is your chance to meet these incredible, kind-hearted, inspiring <insert ALL the happy, positive adjectives HERE> women.

I’m always in awe of people who birth Book Babies. I want to be one of those people.
Today’s Creative Lady, Kat Patrick, has birthed a hilarious feline Book Baby upon whom she has bestowed the name Doodle Cat.
Doodle Cat struts his stuff, doing his own thing in an irreverent but most endearing way.
He is a dude.

There is no such thing as being bored, just boring people (or cats in this instance.)
My new favourite parenting line is when my eldest whines “I’m booooooored!” I reply with,
“Is your imagination broken?” (You can borrow that line too if you like.)
Doodle Cat is bored. Until he finds a thing. A thing to be used for doodling.
Doodle Cat lets his imagination run wild, and in doing so, reminds us to always seek the creative in the everyday.
It’s a pleasure to introduce Doodle Cat’s creator, or co-parent, Kat Patrick.

Oh Creative Lady Kat Patrick Doodle CatI am… Kat Patrick! Gawp-dork writer and co-parent of Doodle Cat.

I find inspiration… In childhood memories, in other gawp-dorks (like Lauren, the other Doodle Cat co-parent) and in all the amazing stuff kids never stop saying.

Oh Creative Lady Kat Patrick Doodle Cat

I am excited about … The third instalment of Doodle Cat and the current release of Doodle Cat is Bored! Shameless plugging!

When I’m in a creative slump, I… Get grumpy then go for walk. If it’s too late to be able to go for a walk (I like being able to see where I am going and what tree I’m looking at) then I get grumpy and have a glass of red wine. Can I say that? Just one, honest. Sometimes I’ll read Maggie Nelson. Her writing style is so thoughtful and pared back that it is very calming. She always makes the world feel beautifully complex, but still doable.

Oh Creative Lady Kat Patrick Doodle CatI’m really proud of… Doodle Cat! Oh no, more shameless plugging. I’m also really proud of Scribble Kids Books and everyone who works there. I think they’ve collectively taught me how to be a better, kinder, person; SHAMELESS PLUGS EVERYWHERE.

Someone once told me… “You are what you do when you’re alone” and it has terrified me ever since. I guess that’s not really advice? Actually, if it was delivered as advice that makes it even more terrifying. I might need to think about that for a while. Hopefully it’s just part of a book by Annie Dillard.

My advice to you is … Relax! You’ve done a great job!

Oh Creative Lady Kat Patrick Doodle CatYou can find me at … I don’t think I’m a very social person but you can wave at me via Instagram.

Maybe on Twitter? I love reading things on it but am nervous about what I could possibly say in 140 characters so don’t say much, on the whole.

Thanks to the Cool Cats at Scribble for our copy of Doodle Cat. I’m giving a copy away over on the Instagram. Pop by to enter.
(This competition is now closed.)