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Through blogging and Instagramming, I’ve been introduced to an amazing Virtual Sisterhood of Creative Ladies.

The Oh Creative Lady series is your chance to meet these incredible, kind-hearted, inspiring <insert ALL the happy, positive adjectives HERE> women.

This dynamic duo is living the Crafty Lady Dream. Besties who craft together and then blog about it. Oh and did I mention their book empire?! They have a series of rad craft books that contain simple to execute but gorgeous crafts for kiddies. We’re giving away their latest book over on Instagram if you want to come and play along! I totally want to be a part of their Girl Gang. Sitting around drinking tea, eating biscuits and crafting with these ladies is a total life goal. Introducing Laura and Tia.

Oh Creative Lady

Image Credit: Emma Sekhon/GMC Publications

We are… Laura & Tia, AKA Little Button Diaries. Best friends who live in Brighton, UK. We have 4 kids – our Little Buttons – Harper, Grayson, Amelie and Lilah. We’re crafters, bloggers, writers and we love nothing more than to get together with a cup of tea and a huge pack of biscuits to discuss our makey ideas.

We find inspiration… Oh, we are ALL OVER Pinterest. We can’t get enough of it. We love reading other blogs too to see what other crafters are up to. Our kids are a big inspiration and we tend to make stuff because they’ve decided they want it or we’ve decided they need it (which is definitely not the same thing!).

Oh Creative Lady

We are excited about … A change in routine… Our children are all starting school or nursery which gives up a bit more time to get the creative juices flowing (/drink tea)! We’re looking forward to ploughing more time into our blog and starting work on our next craft book.

When we’re in a creative slump, we… call each other up and chat through possible ideas. We always have a list of tons of things we would like to maybe-make-one-day so it’s nice to have someone to work out the hows and whats with.

Oh Creative Lady

Image Credit: Emma Sekhon/GMC Publications

We’re really proud of… Erm… we should probably say our kids, but to be honest we are so super proud of our craft books. We still have to pinch ourselves when we seem them in bookshops. It’s something we never thought we’d achieve in a million years!

Someone once told us… Find a fault, make a feature. We are not super-pro crafters. We’re not fans of following patterns and we love to make things up as we go along. Sometimes the best things come from the mistakes or problems you encounter on the way. Perfection is so over-rated. And no one else will notice!

Our advice to you is … To keep a record of all your ideas and inspiration. Have a little notebook (and carry it with you) and jot down or sketch out anything you’d like to make, be it from your head, from something you’ve seen in a shop or from the internet. If you don’t record it, you’ll definitely forget it.

You can find us at …
Little Button Diaries


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