Oh Creative November
Well that’s November done and dusted.
Here is what November looked like at the Oh Creative Day household.

Oh Creative November
We made these 3-ingredient Coconut Jelly Lollies.
So easy! And they helped to justify owning a robot ice-tray that has sat in the bottom drawer for the last 5 years.

November began with many bath battles.
This 3-ingredient bath paint made bath times fun again!

Butterflies were the flavour of the month here.
We made these butterflies by painting some pegs and using origami paper to create the wings.
I blutacked them onto a canvas to allow The Little Ladybird to “flutter” them around.

We started creating some DIY Christmas gifts.
So, I turned my backyard into a Shibori factory for a day.


We also started producing high volumes of Play Dough for Christmas gifts.

We did some side-by-side card-making.

We spent a lot of time thinking about ice cream this month.
One of our little friends celebrated her 1st birthday with an ice cream party.
So we created this bunting using tissue paper and origami paper.

I again used tissue paper to create fringing on the cardboard cones above.
Made some pom poms and voila… more ice cream party decorations!
(There was a gelato cart at this party serving free gelati. Pretty much all my dreams came true.)

www.ohcreativeday.comI thought we’d try and do some Christmas print-making.
She was more interested in making a pink paint puddle.
How does that Frozen song go again?
“Let it gooo…. Let it gooooooo.”
I’m (slowly) learning how to let go of all of my expectations when arts and craftsing with The Little Ladybird.
Process not product, right?

I tried to hold off as long as possible. I did. Really.
But slowly and surely, the Christmas crafts started popping up towards the end of November.
We made some clay decorations.

And now it’s December.
Christmas craft is A-GO!

How is your December looking? Do you now have “Let It Go” stuck in your head? #sorrynotsorry