Oh Creative October

The calendar has turned over into November and this gives me the green light to begin Christmas craft.
(This is clearly a rule I’ve just made up.)
Before I get ahead of myself, here is what October looked like in the Oh Creative Day household.
Nature Painting
These days, a trip to the park involves bringing half of the park home with us.
As bits of wattle, gum nuts and lovingly-collected sticks accumulated in my laundry, I decided to use them for some nature painting.
I mixed some acrylic paint with water and The Little Ladybird loved flicking the paint at a big sheet of paper with her Mother Nature paintbrushes.

Bottlebrush echidna

On one of our trips to the park, we found this dried-up bottlebrush.
With some PVA glue, googly eyes and cork, we turned it into an echidna.
Painting DoiliesI find that our most successful crafty projects tend to be the ones I make up on the spot.
I was attempting to tidy up so handed The Little Ladybird some doilies.
She thought it was the best thing ever. Using water colours to paint doilies and then stringing them together would make for a pretty garland.
Paper towel
Tash from Gift Grapevine and I have this Instagram joke about how we should buy shares in a paper towel company.
Kids just love the stuff!
Here is an art piece made from finger-painting on paper towel.
Because paintbrushes are over-rated. (In our household anyway.)
SpotlightI was lucky to attend the Spotlight Make It Merry Christmas Launch. You can read about it here.
Bicarb hearts
One of my Insty friends, cintaandco, is a scientist! Her feed is filled with awesomely creative and sciency ideas.
(Sciency is a word, yes?)
She inspired the above activity- frozen hearts made from bicarb soda, water and food colouring.
Then with a pipette, The Little Ladybird squeezed vinegar over them, creating fizzy hearts.
Dinosaur Ice
This craft involved The Little Ladybird having a major meltdown because I had trapped her dinosaurs in ice.
“Get them oooooouuuuutttt!” she screamed.
(It was a valuable lesson in how long it takes for ice to melt.)
I had splattered food colouring on watercolour paper and as the ice melted we watched the colours run.
Tantrums aside, it was a lovely activity.
Spring Snow Globes
I think that there is maybe nothing cuter than a kiddy swinging a cane basket.
Off we set with our cane basket and collected flowers from our garden (and maybe from some neighbours’ gardens.)
We then placed the petals in some glass jars and raided the craft tub. In went sequins, straws, googly eyes….
Add water and screw the lids on tightly.
Spring Snow Globes!
(Adult supervision required with the glass jars.)
Rice Suncatchers
I am slowly learning to embrace the idea of process over product.
I had dyed rice with food colouring. I had put some contact paper in an embroidery hoop.
We were going to scatter the rice on the contact and create a suncatcher.
After this photo was taken, The Little Ladybird began pouring the rice between bowls. So we just turned it into some colourful sensory play.
(If you do try this activity, be aware that the contact can’t bear much weight. So scatter rice sparingly.)
Avocado Boats
We turned our avocado consumption into a craft activity.
Avocado boats, anyone?

We don’t celebrate Halloween at our place. (I’m totally certain that this will change when the kids start school.)
Seeing all the pictures on Instagram of glittery pumpkins and kids in cute costumes made me a tad bit jealous.

Did you celebrate Halloween? What did you craft?
Any Christmas craft plans coming up?

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