Oh Creative September blog feature
I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m totally turning into a Nanna (waaaay before my time.)
I get to the end of each month and say something along the lines of “Where did the month go?”
This month, I heard the C-word being bandied about.
Christmas is coming.
Which means only one thing. Christmas craft.
Time to start a-brainstorming.

Until then, here’s the September that was in the Oh Creative Day household.bark paintingWe had a windy start to the month, which resulted in big strips of bark falling off trees in our street.
So we collected some and painted it. And the neighbours are probably pretty certain that I’m a crazy tree lady.
The masterpiece now sits on our outdoors table. I’d describe my home decorating style as “Kindy Teacher Chic.”
Washi CanvasMy sticky-tape-obsessed Toddler created this for Father’s Day.
Stick tape across a canvas and then a few painting sessions to build up the colours.
The few painting sessions were crucial to ensure that the whole thing didn’t just turn khaki brown.
The best part? Peeling off the tape at the end.
Father's Day wrappingThe above is an example of MacGyver gift wrapping.
Neither my sister or I were organised on the gift front for our Dad.
On the way to Father’s Day brunch, she made up this voucher (in the car being driven by our Dad.)
As Daddy Dearest walked from the car to the cafe, we wrapped said voucher in miscellaneous stuff dug out of my handbag.

Sensory Tub
We made a sensory tub.
Which really just involved clearing out the craft supplies and putting it in a massive tub.
The fact that The Little Ladybird is sitting in the actual sensory tub is, I think, a sign of success.

Spray PaintingI posted this on Instagram and the people went nuts for it.
Water in a spray bottle with a few drops of food colouring.
Stick some paper to the fence and look at that stealthy art action.
(We used water colour paper which definitely holds the liquid nicely and creates nice drippage action.)
So simples.

pom pomsMuch of my September was devoted to pom poms and this Wes Anderson-inspired wedding.
(You’re all getting pom poms for Christmas.)

Car paintingWe had a week of super average weather. Cue cabin fever.
In an attempt to spice things up, we attempted car painting which really just turned into a hand and feet painting session. The final masterpiece was then turned into…..

Kite… a kite.
I had glorious visions of us flying a kite, Mary-Poppins-style.
Unfortunately, Mumma didn’t do Physics at school and made a kite so heavy that my poor child just ran around the backyard, dragging the thing behind her.
Form over function.

Getting crafty increases one’s appetite by 500%.
Nah, really I was just looking for any excuse to make Stacey’s Salted Caramel Cheesecake Brownie.
Salted Caramel Cheesecake BrownieIt was everything I had dreamed of. And then some. And then some more.
Go and make it. Now.
Egg Free Banana BreadAnd to deal with the browning banana situation, we also made some Egg-Free Banana Bread.

Happy October, peeps.
What was your September highlight?
Christmas craft- yay or nay?