So we got hitched in 2010, B.P.

B.P = Before Pinterest.
I’m still unsure whether this was a blessing or a curse.

If Pinterest had been around then, we may never have actually sealed the deal. I could have been pinning beautiful bouquets/ flowy hairstyles/ table settings to this very day.
On the other hand, my wedding planning involved tearing things out of magazines and storing a gazillion scraps of paper in folders. These folders weighed approximately 17.46 kilograms. They sure were convenient to cart around to supplier appointments to describe our “vision” for our Big Day. Not.

In this post, I spoke about how preparing wedding craft led to me embracing my Inner Heavenly Crafting Goddess (aka my Inner Martha Stewart.)

I became a Spotlight loyalty member in the lead-up to our Big Day, and boy did I work that loyalty card, baby. (This is totally an unsponsored post. But if anyone from Spotlight is reading… Hello! If you were to sponsor me in PVA glue, I may have half a shot at paying off my mortgage before I’m 109.)

Multiple trips to Spotlight saw the purchasing of ribbon, fabric, glue and buttons. Oh the buttons! I just picked a rogue wedding button off the rug this morning. That’s 4 years later and I’m still drowning in wedding buttons.

One particular trip uncovered these cool little scrapbooking wooden plaques. So these became our place settings and numerous suckers friends helped to jazz them up with beautiful chiyogami paper and buttons. Yours truly wrote all the names on the plaques.

These same wooden plaques also became the basis of our “guest book.” My Man proposed whilst we were travelling through Japan. We were enamoured with how the locals would visit a temple and write their wish on a piece of wood. They would then tie their wish up around the temple grounds. So we had our guests write a wish for us and then tie it up onto a structure that My Man made. With his own, bare hands. (So manly.)

IMG_8736We named each table after places we had traveled to together. The seating guide was made out of a canvas, embroidery hoops, ribbon and buttons. Oh so many buttons.

SP_084_clrThe table centrepieces involved bamboo steamers and awesome crockery found from those cavernous Asian supermarkets that you find in any Chinatown. And there are those wooden plaque thingys again. (When I’m onto a good thing, I like to flog it. Again. And again.)SP_540_clr

SP_544_clrSP_546_clrOur mums and aunties (voluntarily) sewed the buttons onto our little napkin holders. Bless ’em. Because it takes a village to prepare a wedding, yeah?!

SP_541_clrI have never embroidered a day in my life. But embroidery hoops sure do make cool hanging photo frames!



We also have a habit of picking up random items during council clean-ups. Why not turn a retro TV into a directory?

SP_071_clrThat “All you need is love” photo frame on the TV hangs in our bedroom. And that is the brill thing about wedding craft… it then becomes a part of your home’s interior and you get a nice dose of warm and fuzzies whenever you lay eyes on it. And friends are amused when you hand them presents decorated in ribbon/ fabric/ buttons from your wedding craft stash. Which is still happening to this day… (I think I over-bought on supplies?!)

What items from your wedding day make an appearance around your place?

What did you enjoy creating for your Big Day?

And what should I do with ALL THESE BUTTONS???


Huge props to Dean Dampney who took these photos. Check out his amazing work here. Best. Wedding. Photographer. Ever.

The photo of our “guest book” was taken by the splendiferous Katelyn Slyer. Her parents own the incredibly special property where we were married.
Check out her epic talents here.

I was super-duper stoked to see Dean shoot Katelyn’s wedding. Prepare your eyeballs for a visual feast.