Teaming children’s books with process art projects is my superpower.

I am a practising Primary teacher and a mum helping you to get creative with your kids. I also get a real kick from sharing the coolest books around. You can find out more about me by clicking HERE.

Sir Ken Robinson’s words right there are what I am all about.

I am legit passionate about the power of literacy and creativity.
Teaming picture books with creative projects is my jam.

Come join me for some READ + CREATE fun.

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School Holiday READ + CREATE classes

Do you have a little human in your life who loves books and getting creative?  

Wouldn’t it be rad to fit more reading and creating into your busy everyday?

Children are increasingly turning up to primary school with less developed fine motor skills and oral vocabulary (according to the Australian Early Development Census.)
I like to think of my classes as a creative approach to School Readiness.

Run by me- a practising Primary teacher, READ + CREATE classes build competence in these areas in PURPOSEFUL + PLAYFUL and MEANINGFUL + MESSY ways. (Leave the mess behind with me though!)

Spend less time stressing (Mess! No ideas! No time!) and more time connecting with your child at my READ + CREATE classes.

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