Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?
My 2015 resolution was to submit a short story every month to the Kids’ Book Review Short Stories Competition.
A theme is set and your story needs to be submitted by the 25th of each month.
Once upon a time, one of my stories was selected for the theme of ‘jungle.’

Do you manage to strictly adhere to your Resolutions?
I’m quite pained to admit that I’ve only managed to submit 2 stories so far this year.
(The whole having-a-newborn thing is a bit time-consuming, y’see.)

Anyhoo, I always have the monthly theme at the back of my mind.
On my visits to the library, as I gleefully grab books off shelves, I like to check out what picture books have been published around the monthly theme.

This month’s theme is ‘neighbour’ and here is my round-up of great picture books about neighbours.

herman-and-rosie www.ohcreativeday.com/picture-books-about-neighbours/

Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon

I want to write books just like this one. There is so much heart to this story.
It is the tale of two music-lovers who unknowingly live side-by-side in New York.
How can a city filled with so many people be lonely? A place where neighbours do not know each other.
When the paths of Herman and Rosie cross, life just becomes sweeter.
A story that celebrates friendship and chasing your dreams.
Gus Gordon’s evocative illustrations of New York stir up all kinds of wanderlust.


Amy and Louis by Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

Amy and Louis live next door to each other and are the best of friends.
Freya Blackwood’s illustrations beautifully depict the adventures that fill their days.
When Amy’s family moves overseas, the pair are lost without each other.
Libby Gleeson allows us to feel the aching gap left in each child’s life by the absence of the other.
Louis discovers a way to maintain his special link with Amy.
This is a heartwarming book.


Tottie and Dot by Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling

This book gloriously shows what can happen if we try to keep up with the Joneses.
Tottie and Dot happily live side by side, until one day they begin to compete over who can create the best home.
The whimsical illustrations depict the ridiculous ends the girls go to in their effort to out-do the other.
Will their escalating competition cost them their homes and friendship?
A hilarious story with a serious message.


Amelia Ellicott’s Garden by Liliana Stafford and Stephen Michael King
Amelia Ellicott has lived in her house for a large part of her life.
She lives next door to a big block of apartments but doesn’t know any of her neighbours.
She is immensely proud of her garden and chickens, but has no one to share them with.
Amelia is unaware that many of her immigrant neighbours admire her garden from afar and reminisce about the gardens they left behind.
One day, a storm causes havoc in Amelia’s garden. She finally meets her neighbours as they help her deal with her garden and loneliness.
A heartwarming story with gorgeous illustrations.


A Curry for Murray by Kate Hunter and Lucia Masciullo
This is a heartwarming little tale about reaching out to help our neighbours.
When Molly hears that her elderly neighbour’s wife is in hospital, she whips him up a curry.
Word quickly spreads of Molly’s culinary talent and she finds herself cooking many more meals for people in need.
When Molly can’t cook, her neighbours band together and return her kindness.
How can you not love a book where character names rhyme with the food cooked for them?


Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten by Bob Graham
Neighbourhood legend leads the local children to believe that Mr Wintergarten is a scary, cranky old man.
When Rose’s ball lands in his yard, she is forced to approach her mysterious neighbour.
Armed with flowers and cupcakes, she visits Mr Wintergarten’s colourless home.
How does Rose inject the colour back into her neighbours life?
Bob Graham is the Picture Book King.


Empty Fridge by Gaetan Doremus
Don’t you hate it when you get home after a busy day and realise your fridge is bare?
Andrew only has three carrots in his fridge. So he goes upstairs to visit his neighbour to see if he can borrow some food.
Together they ascend each floor of the five-storey apartment block, collecting food and neighbours along the way.
When they reach the top floor, they all share a meal together.
A special book that celebrates sharing and community.

What are your neighbours like?
Could you write a picture book about them?