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Picture Books for the Christmas WishlistWelcome to Picture Books du Monde, a monthly link-up where bloggers from around the world share their love of all things related to picture books.

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‘Tis the season to gift a beautiful picture book.
At our place, we try to embrace the saying
“Something you wear, something you read, something you want, something you need,”
in our Christmas present-buying for our kids.

Here are the books that will be appearing in the stockings of my kids, and some of the books that I wish were appearing in my stocking. (Because one is never too old for picture books.)

Picture Books for the Christmas WishlistTransport by Alain Grée
How can you go past the vintage illustrations of an Alain Grée book?
One of my life goals is to own all of Alain Grée’s charming books.
I am fulfilling this life goal by wrapping this one up for my transport-loving 18 month-old. If I get him a Grée book every Christmas for the next 15 or so years, I should achieve my goal.
Having children has totally justified my picture book habit.

Paris Up, Up and Away by Hélene Druvert
My 3 year-old has an infatuation with Paris.
This book will be appearing in her Christmas stocking.
It is the tale of what the Eiffel Tower gets up to when it is bored.
The Tower cuts loose and drifts above Paris taking in the sights and sites.
The design of this book is absolutely breath-taking. Each page is filled with intricate laser cuts.
A must-have for fans of Paris or paper-cutting enthusiasts.

Picture Books for the Christmas Wishlist

Lots by Marc Martin
If this book appears in my Christmas stocking, I’ll be ridiculously happy. (Hint, hint, Santa.)
There is lots to discover in this intricately illustrated book that takes us from Hong Kong to the Amazon to Iceland.
Lots of people. Lots of animals. Lots of landscapes. Lots of cultures.
Basically the most beautiful look-and-find book ever.

Picture Books for the Christmas Wishlist
Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis

This entire book is told in a playful, invented language. Say what?!
I have yet to see a copy but have been won over by the absolute rave reviews it has been getting on Instagram.
I am so intrigued by the concept of this book.

Picture Books for the Christmas Wishlist
Through the Forest by Steffie Brocoli and Catherine Bidet

Hands up if you were also an avid Choose-Your-Own-Adventure fan as a kid?
Me! Me! Me!
The snippets of illustrations I have seen from this book are squeal-worthy.
Readers choose their own adventure through a wild and magical forest.
Please, Santa? Please?

Happy Festive Season!
What picture books will be appearing in stockings at your place?

We’re your Picture Books du Monde hosts- Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande and Shannon from Oh Creative Day.

Peregrination Gourmande

Hi! I’m Cathy. I’ve always been a picture book lover.
When I started my job as a psychologist, I discovered the power of those books on the children with whom I was working.
The power of words combined with illustrations. After I became a mum there was no reason to stop me buying tons more picture books for the family.
Now I have 2 little bookworms and a well-used VIP card at my local bookstore.
I’m also married to a collector of graphic novels. The bookshelves are full!
I’ll share with you each month a selection of picture books that interested us. I might also have some suggestions from my 10 year old daughter.
I hope you enjoy the link-up and the good books.
Head over to Peregrination Gourmande to see Cathy’s Picture Book du Monde picks for this month!

Oh Creative Day

Hello! I’m Shannon, a teacher and a mama to 2 kids under 3. I blog here at Oh Creative Day.
I believe that reading is as important as breathing.
I dream of having my own picture books published one day. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that there is a picture book to help all little ones (and big ones!) through most of life’s situations.
They really are a perfect vehicle for making sense of the world.

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