Picture Books du MondeWelcome to Picture Books du Monde, a monthly link-up where bloggers from around the world share their love of all things related to picture books.

In this month’s post, I’m handing over to my Picture Books du Monde co-host Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande. She was in town from France recently and we had an awesome time wandering the streets of Sydney, taking daggy selfies with picture books and eating delicious things. We even stumbled across a Street Library which happened to contain a copy of the textbook prescribed in my high school French class. C’est vrai!
Over to Cathy!

If you are reading this, we’re guessing that you are interested in picture books. Kids or teens or even adults may love picture books.

Well that’s one of many things Shannon and I have in common.

catandshan-1Who are those ladies hiding behind this book?
Shannon and I met through blogging and first in real life back in February at Sydney Taronga Zoo, our arms full of picture books and other picture design things. We decided at that time that we should spread our picture book passion together on our blogs. We are fans of art, namely street art. For our August fun day, I asked Shannon if she could take me on a street art photowalk. We had a fun day, stalking the street art in Sydney’s streets, eating fabulous cakes and taking lots of pictures.


No standing, No parking, No kidding, but reading reading reading!!!!
catandshan3Yes, Australia it is!!! Kangaroos in street arts!


What is this book?

I found this book “The Dream of Princess Clarice” by Julieta Franco in a little shop in Lisbon, Portugal while I was traveling there in May. The author was selling it directly and is self published. When I saw that there was an English version I thought straightaway of my Aussie friend Shannon! What an excellent example of book for #picturebooksdumonde!!! So I kept it and brought it back for our second In Real Life party!


What is the fun of picture book sharing and linking?

Even if we don’t get the language, picture books are great for visual literacy. Usually the visual adds some meaning to the text but if we don’t understand the text, our aesthetical fibre can be touched by very pretty drawings, or a dramatic drawing can give us clue about the story. That’s the point and the fun of #picturebooksdumonde. All around the world, let’s share our love of nice and useful books for children or teens or adults. Each month, we love discovering books from across the globe.

Look at my kids, not really reading the English text of Shannon’s books gifts but totally into the story of those brilliant picture books.


We warmly invite you to share your love of picture books with us in our monthly link up party.

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