www.ohcreativeday.comI have a dirty little secret to share.
We didn’t visit the local libraries during November as we are blacklisted.
Yep. Too many fines.
I wish I could say that I was a super-organised mum who returned library books on time.
But it appears that I am far from it.

So my December resolution is to pay off our fines and pay attention to the return dates for our library books.
Here are 6 picture books that we had the pleasure of reading this month.

One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses
This book will be appearing under the Christmas tree for The Little Ladybird come December 25th.
It is a glorious way to build your little one’s vocabulary.
As the title suggests, the illustrations depict 1000 things organised by themes.
Each page features a question to guide our exploration of the vocabulary on that spread.
We explore numbers, colours, space, the human body, the world around us… so many topics are featured across it’s 80 pages.
The illustrations are perfection and the layout is gorgeous. www.ohcreativeday.comPress Here by Herve Tullet
We are very late to the Herve Tullet party.
I’ve heard people raving about his books for years, but somehow never laid hands on one of his legendary texts.
A friend gave us this book. I instantly regretted not having sourced any of his books sooner.
This book is fun, whimsical, imaginative and so, so creative.
It asks the reader to begin by pressing a yellow dot.
The reader is then instructed to press, shake, tilt, clap and watch as dots appear, disappear, grow in size and multiply.
The simplest of concepts are always the most imaginative, aren’t they?
One of the most interactive books I’ve come across in a long time.

Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers
DISCLAIMER: I believe that Oliver Jeffers is one of the Kings of Children’s Books.
This collaboration between Jeffers and Irish Children’s Laureate, Colfer is magical.
Where do imaginary friends come from? Where do they go when their real-life friend moves on?
Fred appears when he is needed and when the conditions are just right.
He is the best imaginary friend one could ever hope for.
Inevitably, Fred’s real-life-friend finds another real-life-friend and Fred fades away….
Waiting for the next kid in need of an imaginary friend.
What happens when Fred is summoned by Sam? How are things different this time around?
A quirky, heart-warming ode to friendship.
Because friendship is friendship, real or imaginary.

Happy by Pharrell Williams
Generally I’m not a huge fan of songs turned into books.
Unless of course the song is “Happy” by Pharrell.
The song lyrics are set against photographs of children celebrating what it means to be happy.
That photo above was liked by Pharrell himself on Instagram.
(That’s pretty much the pinnacle of my Instagram career. May as well retire.)

www.ohcreativeday.comDinosaur Disco by Deborah Kelly and Daron Parton
The rhyming text of this book will have you bopping along.
The illustrations are bright and engaging.
As the dinosaurs carve up the dance floor, the ground starts shaking.
Who is about to gatecrash? Is the intruder there to shake their booty or to find their dinner?
A fun, funny read complete with a pronunciation guide to the tongue-twister dino names and a fact guide.

www.ohcreativeday.comThis and That by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek
We are big “Where is the Green Sheep?” groupies in this household.
We were very excited to add this book by The Green Sheep team to our collection.
The flawless rhyme and rhythm of Mem Fox and the distinctive, humorous and bright illustrations of Judy Horacek make this a winning bedtime story.

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