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Picture Books We've Enjoyed This June www.ohcreativeday.comWelcome to Picture Books Du Monde, a monthly link-up where bloggers from around the world share their love of all things related to picture books.

In this month’s post, I’m sharing the books that we’ve enjoyed in June at our place.

Picture Books We've Enjoyed This June www.ohcreativeday.comSteve Goes to Carnival by Joshua Button and Robyn Wells
‘How much life and joy can you fit into one picture book? This much! A beautifully drawn, designed and dreamt story for all ages.’ – Shaun Tan
When a book comes with a Shaun Tan endorsement, you know you’re in for something special…
The creators first collaborated when Robyn worked with Joshua in a literacy program at his primary school. This resulted in their first book together, “Joshua and the Two Crabs.”
This second offering has been 10 years in the making.
It came about from Joshua’s love of gorillas and wanderlust for Brazil.
It tells the tale of Steve, a gorilla in a Rio zoo.
He shares a love for jazz with his zookeeper, Antonio.
One night, Steve escapes the zoo to go in search for Antonio. He travels the streets of Rio incognito. Steve eventually finds Antonio playing saxophone in a jazz club. Steve’s disguise is blown…
The illustrations are inspired by 1970s Rio and capture the heart and soul of this carnival city.
Picture Books We've Enjoyed This June www.ohcreativeday.comThis is a magical book that I am certain will appear on my Best Picture Books of 2016 list.

Picture Books We've Enjoyed This JuneTransport by Alain Grée
With his charming retro illustrations, Alain Grée books are some of my favourites.
This is an easy-to-read book for younger readers about modes of transportation.
It appears deceptively simple. Yet the illustrations are rich in details which makes the conversational possibilities endless with this beautifully-designed text.

Picture Books We've Enjoyed This June www.ohcreativeday.comWednesday by Anne Bertier
Every Wednesday, Little Round and Big Square have a play date.
Their favourite game involves one of them naming an object that they can transform into. Individually they become different forms of butterflies, flowers, mushrooms…
Until Big Square begins naming objects beyond Little Round’s transformational abilities.
They retreat to opposite corners (literally opposite corners of the spread) to sulk.
Little Round comes up with the idea that perhaps they should collaborate on the concepts and so they create shapes and forms together.
A fabulously minimalistic book about the power of imagination and how creativity is best as a collaborative effort.
The teacher in me would love to pair this book with some tangram play.

Picture Books We've Enjoyed This Month JuneRamadan Moon’ by Na’ima B Robert and Shirin Adl
Picture books are the perfect way to teach about diversity and tolerance. I want a home library for my kids that reflects the world.
I had given my toddler a very sketchy explanation of Ramadan as we observed the night sky one evening. I was stoked to discover this book on display at the library the following week.
We follow a family as they observe Ramadan. Nothing too revolutionary from a book of this genre in terms of story line.
Unlike many picture books about celebrations and cultural events, this one isn’t too didactic (read: boring or preachy.)
The illustrations are top-notch.

Picture Books We've Enjoyed This June www.ohcreativeday.comJune 25th marks Eric Carle’s birthday.
We stocked up on books by this Master of Picture Books during our last library visit.
Over on Instagram, I’m celebrating with Carle-related crafts.
You can check out my post on Carle-inspired crafts if you want to join in the fun.

https://www.instagram.com/ohcreativeday/Picture Books We've Enjoyed This June www.ohcreativeday.com Now You See Me, Now You Don’t by Silvia Borando
What happens to a brown bear in mud? Or a green crocodile in green grass?
Or all animals in pitch black?
This is a wordless wonder about camouflage and colour.
Each spread contains the same kaleidoscope of animals with just the background colour of the spread changing.
Littlies in the 2-5 age bracket will love spotting the camouflaged critter.
Minibombo specialise in “little books buzzing with big ideas” and this book is no exception.

Wordless books allow for so many imaginative possibilities and allow the young reader to “control” the story.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of wordless books, tips for reading them and 9 of my favourites, check out my post 9 Wonderful Wordless Picture Books that Inspire Imagination in Kids over at Hello, Wonderful.

Oh Creative DayWe’re your Picture Books du Monde hosts- Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande and Shannon from Oh Creative Day.

Peregrination Gourmande

Hi! I’m Cathy. I’ve always been a picture book lover.
When I started my job as a psychologist, I discovered the power of those books on the children with whom I was working.
The power of words combined with illustrations. After I became a mum there was no reason to stop me buying tons more picture books for the family.
Now I have 2 little bookworms and a well-used VIP card at my local bookstore.
I’m also married to a collector of graphic novels. The bookshelves are full!
I’ll share with you each month a selection of picture books that interested us. I might also have some suggestions from my 10 year old daughter.
I hope you enjoy the link-up and the good books.
Head over to Peregrination Gourmande to see Cathy’s Picture Book du Monde picks for this month!

Oh Creative Day

Hello! I’m Shannon, a teacher and a mama to 2 kids under 3. I blog here at Oh Creative Day.
I believe that reading is as important as breathing.
I dream of having my own picture books published one day. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that there is a picture book to help all little ones (and big ones!) through most of life’s situations.
They really are a perfect vehicle for making sense of the world.

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