www.ohcreativeday.comI get the feeling that the local library had a huge shopping spree to see out the end of the Financial Year.
So MANY new books on the shelves at our last visit.
It was like Christmas in July, Library-Style.

Thanks to our library haul, coupled with the suggestions of other picture-book-loving people on Instagram, (stop enabling my habit! My bank account is not happy!) we have enjoyed some spectacular books this month!


Oh No, George!

Oh No, George! By Chris Haughton

This would be The Little Ladybird’s favourite book for the month. She wanders around the house, exclaiming “Oh No, George!”
George is a dog who tries very hard to be good. When temptation is placed in your path though (cake! soil! rubbish!) what’s a dog to do?
Simple text paired with graphic, stylised illustrations make this a library book that we will purchase a copy of to add to our own book collection.

www.ohcreativeday.comLaika the Astronaut by Owen Davey

Another dog book! I grabbed this off the shelf purely based on it’s striking cover.
Sometimes you do just have to judge a book by it’s cover.
It tells the tale of Laika, the first dog in Space. Based on fact, it’s fictional ending imagines what really happened to the dog lost in space.
A book that gave me goosebumps.

www.ohcreativeday.comThe Chicken Thief by Beatrice Rodriguez

A wordless book with exquisite illustrations.
A fox poultry-naps a chicken. Or does he?
The chicken’s friends follow in hot pursuit to “save” their friend.
Does the chicken want to be saved?

Picture Books We've Enjoyed This MonthWhen Lions Roar by Robie H. Harris and Chris Raschka

The world can be a scary, chaotic place.
This book explores how we can conquer fear and invite quiet back into our world.
This would be an amazing text to use to talk to kids about anxiety and how to cope with these feelings.
Chris Raschka’s illustrations add amazing pathos to the text.

www.ohcreativeday.com Snuggle the Baby by Sara Gillingham

The Little Ladybird shows her love for her baby brother in a most physical way.
I bought this book in the hope that it might help soften this tough love.
This is a glorious book. Bright, engaging with a detachable cardboard baby that you can swaddle and put to bed.Baby can be fed with a detachable bottle. You can practise tickling baby’s belly.
It is glorious, glorious, glorious. Perfectly suited to toddlers who find themselves in the role of older sibling.

www.ohcreativeday.comWow! said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

A vibrant read for littlies learning about their colours.
Bright and cheerful it follows a little owl who decides to forgo sleep and see the world in daylight.
The repetitive refrain of “Wow! said the Owl” is fun for little readers to engage with the text.
The White Book by Silvia Borando and Elisabetta Pica

Another wordless wonder.
This was first published by Italian publishers, Minibombo, who are dedicated to producing little books buzzing with big ideas.
A little painter faces a blank white wall and amazing creations appear with each new layer of paint.
This is my favourite from the library haul!

www.ohcreativeday.comThe Big Book of Happy by Natalie Marshall

This large format board book celebrates happiness in all of it’s forms.
Different things make different people (and animals) happy, and this book highlights the simple things that can make us happy.
A joy to share with little people.

www.ohcreativeday.comMadame Sonia Delaunay by Gerard Lo Monaco

So I ordered some books for the kids this month, and I ordered this picture book just for me.
It is the pop-up book to end all pop-up books.
It celebrates the art of Sonia Delaunay in pop-up form.
Just look at it!

2015-07-27 22.18.54www.ohcreativeday.comA truly special book.

What great books have you been reading with your kids this month?

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