I have the seeds of a new picture book idea sprouting in my crowded brain.
(What’s the baby doing? Do I need to take the meat out for dinner? Must book a haircut! Where’s my other shoe?)

This story will be set in a dystopian future.
(How schmintellectual does that make me sound?!)
The planet is in disarray, thanks to generations of environmental neglect.
That, however, is a secondary theme.

The story will revolve around a little girl and her special relationship with her grandma.
Because despite the world being in a constant flux around us, the connections that we have with loved ones are constant.

So I’ve been pondering a lot about shared family memories and the advice that is passed between family members.

It has been pretty special watching the relationship bloom between My Little Ladybird and my mum.
Memories are being made and I’m sure that my mum will pass on many pearls of wisdom.

The best piece of advice that my mum has gifted me is that the only ‘thing’ you truly own in this life is your name.
Everything you do and say either adds to your name, or detracts from it.
It kinda taps into that Shakespearean idea of “To thine own self, be true.”
Yes. I just compared my mother to Shakespeare.
She’s a wise lady, that Mother Dearest O’Mine.

Who do you have a special connection with in your family?
What’s the best piece of advice they’ve gifted you?