For a multitude of reasons, our household does not own a Christmas tree
(lack of storage space/ cheeky pets/ toddler affectionately referred to as
“The Destructor.”)

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In our pre-child years, we made do with a vase filled with red pebbles. We then stuck branches into said vase and decorated with baubles.
We pretended that this style was “Arty Australiana.”

Last year I followed this tutorial over at The Red Thread, and our tree looked like this…
(Best make a cup of tea before heading over to The Red Thread blog! It’s like falling down a rabbit hole of DIY loveliness!)

Apparently it’s less than 60 days until Christmas.
One of my most favourite pre-Christmas activities is daydreaming about ALLA the Christmas craft I can could get up to.
Time to get my Christmas Tree Crafting Cap on.
Here’s my roundup of the loveliest wall Christmas Trees I’ve spotted on my Pinterest travels…

Source: Affirmaison

Source: Uberall & Nirgendwo

DIY_ washi tape christnas tree
Source: Art and Chic

Source: .YOKOO

Source: Poppytalk

Source: Curbly

Source: Jane Schouten

-11Source: A Blog About Love

Source: Down to the Woods

I think this year’s tree may be an Art and Chic-inspired washi tape tree…

What is your favourite thing about the lead-up to Christmas?