podcasts to downloadI spend large parts of my days conversing with an almost 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, whilst cooing at a newborn.
Conversations with the almost 4-year-old can be epic.
“No. I’m not sure why there aren’t footpaths in the clouds.”
“You want your apples cut into see-saws? Right-O.”
Conversations with the 2-year-old involve a fair bit of grunting (on his part) and guessing (on my part. I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!)
To remind myself that I am an adult, capable of adult thought and communication, I’ve been delving into podcasts. I listen when I’m doing the dishes or when everybody is napping.
I really dig being inspired by Seth Godin whilst standing at my kitchen sink.
Here are 6 podcasts to download.

Serial and S-Town

I popped my podcast cherry with the first season of Serial. I kept seeing people on FB discussing whether Adnan Syed was guilty or innocent of killing his girlfriend and was intrigued. This is some seriously good story-telling. Although it’s not fictional. It’s real life.

I just demolished all the episodes of S-Town. This podcast centres on John, a genius who has wasted his life in a small Alabama town. He contacts a reporter about rumours of a murder that has been covered up. What transpires is confusing, eye-opening and ultimately, heart-breaking.

It’s A Long Story

This is a podcast made by the Sydney Opera House and hosted by Hamish Macdonald. Hamish interviews some of the world’s leading thinkers and iconic figures, exploring some of the formative moments in their lives. I loved the episode with the creator of Serial, Julie Snyder.
The episode with former child soldier, now refugee lawyer, Deng Thiak Adut is also fascinating.

podcasts to downloadAll The Wonders

This podcast features interviews with creators of children literature. I love the passion that Matthew Winner has for quality kids lit. I especially loved the episodes with Silvia Borando, who creates some of my favourite picture books, and Andy Griffiths.

Word of Mouth

You may recognise Michael Rosen’s name from “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” This prolific author hosts a fascinating podcast about the world of words, where they come from and how we use them. The episode “Emoji: The Future of Language” was equal parts interesting and hilarious. (Thanks to my friend Hazel for suggesting this one to me.)

CTRL, ALT, DELETE with Emma Gannon

Emma interviews some truly fabulous people. I loved this episode with Seth Godin
and this one with MotherPukka.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

I love anything that Liz Gilbert does so especially love hearing her encourage others to seek a creative life.

What are you all listening to out there?