Welcome to my READ + CREATE Classes

Do you have a little one in your life who loves books and getting creative?  

Wouldn’t it be rad to fit more reading and creating into your busy everyday?

But then you think of the mess involved.

It’s hard to find the time. #dinnerwontcookitself

You don’t know what ideas or materials to start with and Pinterest makes your brain want to explode.

And that mean little voice in your head whispers “but you’re not creative.”

And did we mention, THE MESS? So. Much. Mess.

Spend less time stressing and more time connecting with your child at my READ + CREATE classes.

What can you expect from a READ + CREATE class?

Each class begins with a read aloud of a top-quality, meaningful picture book.

We then move into an open-ended, process-based creative project inspired by the book.

Your mini maker will take home an artwork after each class. There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to create here.
We explore. We experiment. We take creative risks.

Each class concludes with another read aloud and a simple idea to try at home with items you can find around the home.

Imagine connecting and getting creative with your child whilst developing a whole lot of school readiness skills at the same time? Let’s make that happen.

Can’t I just take my kid to Playgroup at the library?

Sure you can! But I suspect you’re looking for something a little bit more.

Read + Create classes are playful but purpose-FULL. These creative learning experiences are lead by a passionate and practising Primary teacher.

Study after study reveals that children who are read to from an early age are more likely to succeed at school. Children who develop more literacy skills in the preschool years perform better in the primary years. Each week I model a reading strategy that you can use at home when you have read alouds with your child.

Did you blink and suddenly your baby is getting ready for Big School? So many of the skills we practise during the Creating part of the lesson are necessary to be a successful learner. Fine motor skills, listening skills, problem-solving, facing frustrations, predicting and questioning (to name but a few!)

Did somebody mention MESS? These classes are meaningful and messy. The upside is that you get to leave the mess with me.

Every class ends with a take-home idea so that the reading and creating can continue at home.

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