13 Prompts to Foster Gratitude in Kids

13 Prompts to Foster Gratitude in Kids

How do you foster gratitude in kids? Spring has Sprung! I find that my gratitude levels are at their year's peak as we move from the chill of Winter into the sunshine of Spring. I know that many of my Canadian and American friends celebrate Thanksgiving at this time...

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Free Printable: Just Do You

Free Printable: Just Do You

What was with last week? Was Mercury in Retrograde or something? Or was it just me? I feel like I spent the entire week second-guessing myself. Questioning my parenting. Questioning my teaching. Questioning my priorities. It was just. plain. exhausting. A while back,...

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FREE PRINTABLE – Birthday Questionnaire

Since we celebrated The Little Ladybird's 2nd birthday last month, I've been consumed with this weird "The-Days-Are-Long-But-The-Years-Are-Short/ My-Babies-Are-Growing-Too-Fast/ You-Need-To-Capture-ALLA-The-Memories!" feeling. Let's refer to it as a wistful hysteria....

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Hi! I’m Shannon

I’m a mama and a teacher celebrating our perfectly imperfect attempts at living a creative life.
AKA trying to remain sane whilst raising 3 kids under 5 and holding unrealistic life expectations thanks to Pinterest.

Brought to you by coffee.

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