Goodbye Picky Eating eCourse by Simone Emery


Simone Emery has taught me so much about eating and meal habits with kids.

This is a course that provides you with the resources and support to say goodbye to picky eating.

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Includes consult with Children’s Nutritionist, Simone Emery.

Start saying “Goodbye” to picky (fussy) eating with Simone Emery today. A guided and supported program to help busy parents understand picky behaviours and nurture a healthy eater. We will go through a detailed understanding of why YOUR child isn’t eating the foods you want them to, how to handle food refusal, anxiety and give you real day-to-day meal inspiration.

Goodbye Picky Eating comes with instant access to a support facebook group, mobile responsive information modules, videos that are easy to watch and lots of meal inspirations AND a 30 minute one-on-one introductory consult with Simone Emery.

Bonuses include many recipes, printables and value packed worksheets. And a meal planning tool unlike any other…. It is designed with picky eaters in mind along with your family’s goals.


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