Art Workshop for Children by Bar RucciDo you know Bar from Art Bar Blog?
I’ll just wait here whilst you pop over and revel in the creativity being fostered over there…..
Actually, no. Don’t do that.
It is too easy to fall down her rabbit hole of creativity.
So maybe read this first then head over.

Bar has recently published the extremely awesome book pictured above, with Betsy McKenna, a Reggio-Inspired Educator.
“Art Workshop for Children” is filled with more than 25 Process Art experiences.
We were lucky enough to be sent a copy to check out.
It’s insanely good, people. Insanely good.

The book is packed with easy to execute, open-ended art and craft experiences that emphasise process over product and original thinking.

Here’s one of the workshops that we dabbled with.
Art Workshop for Children by Bar Rucci(Workshop # 15 Cereal Box Painting.)

I am a huge fan of the way this book is structured.
Chapter 1 warms you up with some tips to begin.
Chapters 2 – 5 feature workshops starting with the simple and you are gradually guided right through to collaborative projects.
I believe that this structure helps you to see how the different art experiences can be adapted across a wide range of age groups. I did some of the workshops with my 3-year-old. As I moved through the book, I could imagine my Grade 3 class loving some of the more involved, collaborative projects.

Art Workshop for Children by Bar RucciEach workshop is thoughtfully presented. (It has this lovely way of conveying that Bar is almost holding your hand as she guides you through the experience. #fangirl.)
You’re introduced to the materials you’ll need and how to prepare your space. (LOVE these tips!)
The process is outlined, with Bar noting down her observations from running the workshop.
There is then a section detailing variations that you could incorporate the next time you try this workshop.
I think this structure really encourages you to just have a go with your kids- there is no right way or wrong way to execute these experiences.

The book concludes with excellent tips on how to display your child’s art.

Art Workshop for Children by Bar Rucci(Workshop # 12 Triangle Shapes Assemblage)

Essays from Betsy McKenna are interspersed through the book and discuss the role of mess-making, collaboration and the role of the adult in the art experience.

I think the brilliance of this book lies in how it is suitable for a seasoned art-and-crafter or a not-so-confident-but-wanting-some-guidance-to-include-more-arts-and-crafts-with-the-kids types.

I keep coming back to it again and again, flipping through it’s pages for inspiration.
That’s a good sign of a brilliant book, right?

I was sent a free copy of Bar’s book. All opinions expressed are most definitely my own.