Initially I titled this post “Spring Flower Art for Preschoolers.”
But I felt that could be a bit limiting. I suspect that kids of all ages will dig the processes used in this Spring flower art project.

To create your own Spring Flower Art, you will need:

A large sheet of white paper (we used watercolour paper.)
Squares of crepe paper
Tissue paper
Black felt tip pen
PVA glue or Mod Podge
Spray bottle

How to:

Cut your tissue paper into a rectangle (or whatever shape you so desire really!)

Use a felt tip pen to draw a flower onto the tissue paper. We used some illustrations as a visual prompt.
This step is a great way to use vocabulary around shape and line.
I adore that my 5-year-old personalised her flowers by adding faces.
Flowers with faces are my new favourite thing.

6 child's drawings of flowers for a Spring flower art project.

Set your tissue paper flower drawings aside.

Grab your large sheet of white paper. Watercolour paper is not compulsory- but it does trap the bleeding colour the best.

Cover your sheet of white paper in squares of coloured crepe paper.
Use words like “overlap” and “white space” here.

Two children laying crepe paper squares over white paper preparing for a Spring flower art project.

Once your mini artist is happy with their crepe paper job, unleash the spray bottles.
Have your mini artist apply a light mist of water across the crepe paper.
Watch the colours in the crepe paper bleed!
There will of course be a lot of “experimenting” at this stage. Younger artists will love just using the spray bottle.
You may end up with colourful rivers that end up brown or black. But hello, teachable moment!

Give the wet crepe paper a light tap to press it down to the white paper.
Start peeling back the wet crepe paper to reveal an awesome colourful effect.

Set your colourful masterpiece aside to dry.

A colourful child's painting with yellow, orange and pink made from wet crepe paper for a SPring flower art project.

Once dried, use the PVA glue (or any white craft glue) to affix the tissue paper flower drawing over the top of your crepe paper painting. Lightly seal the tissue paper by painting glue over the top of it as well.
The tissue paper will go slightly translucent so you can see the painting underneath peeking through.

If you want to display your Spring flower art, punch two holes in the top corners. Go on a nature walk and collect a suitable stick. String some yarn through the holes and hang your artwork from the stick.

If you need more Spring inspo, here’s a felt flower wreath!

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