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My dad has the infuriating ability to smash 2 cream donuts half an hour before dinner, and still be able to polish off his entire evening meal.
All whilst still fitting into the same size trousers he wore as a 21 year old.

“For the love of sweet baby cheeses!” exclaim the envious females in the family.
“How does he do it?!”

So when scouting around for a birthday cake to make in honour of the King of Doughnuts, it was pretty hard to go past this Strawberry Doughnut Cake from Raspberri Cupcakes.

I’d been looking for an excuse to make a cake from this splendiferous blog for a long time. (Don’t peruse this blog when hungry. It will only end in tears.)
Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes implores you to make this cake- it will make you happy, she promises.

I also jump at any chance to use my bundt baking tin.
(“We MUST put this on the wedding registry!” I barked at My Man.
“I will use it. ALL. OF. THE. TIME.” Famous last words.)*

I would always advise that you read a recipe thoroughly before jumping in, Dear Reader. Do as I say, not as I do.
I overlooked the very useful tip from Steph that involved potentially doubling the batter mix, depending on the size of your bundt tin.

“Is it meant to be that flat?” asked My Man as I pulled it out of the oven.
*Insert death stare here.*

Take 2 involved reading the recipe thoroughly and doubling the batter. When I released the cake from it’s casing, it looked like a freaking donut.
It’s the small things, people.

The strawberry jam icing was a revelation.
Condiment + icing sugar = win for the taste buds.

Steph was right. This is a cake that makes you happy.
(Once you’ve read the recipe correctly.)
The King of Doughnuts was chuffed with his birthday cake. The rest of pretended not to be jealous when he went in for seconds.
Hollow legs or something?

What infuriating (but endearing) ability does your dad have?

*Please hit me up with your bundt tin recipes, peeps. My poor little bundty is wasting it’s life away in the back corner of my baking cupboard.