I made a hashtag!
How Gen-Y does that sound?!
It looks like this…..

As the following Instagram exhibits show, I tend to belong to the tongue-in-cheek category of hashtag user.




Something I’ve been realising recently is that hashtags have the power to bring people together.
To unite them over common loves.
Hashtags can change the world, people. I’m not kidding. Hello #booksnotbullets.

So I’ve been a bit slow climbing aboard the hashtag bandwagon.

As I sat down last week to do some crafting, it really hit me how much I love getting creative.
This epiphany occurred as I was making table centre pieces out of DVD covers for my Dad’s birthday. High-brow stuff, I know.
I’m not trained in any crafty skill. It ain’t always pretty or perfect. I just love making stuff.

And I’m certain there are many other people out there just like me.

I want to see and celebrate the bits and bobs of creativity in your everyday life.

Things like….

  • that recipe you’re trying out…
  • the art and craft activity you’re doing with your kids…
  • that amazing photo you took on your morning walk…
  • the ultra-cool way you wrapped that present for the 17th kids’ birthday party you’re attending for the weekend…
  • the way you’re creating love-soaked memories with your family…

So to play along, come find me on Instagram.
Then tag your photos with #thiscreativeday so we can create a community celebrating everyday creativity.

Not on Instagram? Never fear!
Come join the party on Facebook.

Can’t wait to see what you’re making and creating, lovely people!


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