Cardboard Airplane Craft

Cardboard Airplane Craft

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This cardboard airplane craft is perfect for the transport-loving little person at your place.
It first appeared over on Red Ted Art as a part of the 31 Days of Love series. (If you’re after loads of crafty inspiration around the theme of love, you need to check it out.)
Whilst I was brainstorming ideas, I couldn’t stop humming “Love is in the Air.” My little guy was also obsessed with a book about airports at the time. And so this project was born.

Humming “Love is in the Air” as you go about this cardboard airplane craft is optional. But highly recommended.

What you’ll need

Printable template (this template is available on Red Ted Art’s site.)
Cardboard (we reused an old nappy box.)
Craft knife
Decorative paper
Washi tape
Black marker
Paint (You could use markers or crayons instead. Or Kwikstix– we LOVE these paint sticks!)
Hole punch (optional)

How to make your own cardboard airplane

1. Print out the template at Red Ted Art. Cut it out and trace onto cardboard.

2. Using a craft knife, cut your airplane pieces out. This step obviously should be completed by an adult. (You will need to do the engine twice.)

3. Paint your cardboard airplane in any colour you choose. Or all the colours. Your choice! If you’re after a low-mess option, Kwikstix are one of our most loved (and used) art supplies!

4. We have a heart-shaped hole punch. If you don’t, you can cut out hearts. Or any shape you so desire for the windows.
Decorate with washi tape and glue the windows into place.

5. Slot the wing piece through the middle of the plane. You may need to widen this slot depending on the thickness of your cardboard.

6. Slide the engines and wheels into the slots on the wings. Slide the tail into the slot at the back of the plane.

You are ready to start taxi-ing down the runway!

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