Oh Creative October

Oh Creative October

The calendar has turned over into November and this gives me the green light to begin Christmas craft.
(This is clearly a rule I’ve just made up.)
Before I get ahead of myself, here is what October looked like in the Oh Creative Day household. (more…)

Simple Christmas Craft To Ease You Into The Season

ChristmasI don’t mean to alarm anybody but…
What’s your Christmas Preparation Style?
Are you one of those ridiculously organised people who has purchased all their presents in the half-yearly sales?
Or is that you maniacally grabbing gifts off shelves on Christmas Eve?

Oh Creative September

Oh Creative September blog feature
I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m totally turning into a Nanna (waaaay before my time.)
I get to the end of each month and say something along the lines of “Where did the month go?”
This month, I heard the C-word being bandied about.
Christmas is coming.
Which means only one thing. Christmas craft.
Time to start a-brainstorming.

Until then, here’s the September that was in the Oh Creative Day household. (more…)

Our Wedding


So we got hitched in 2010, B.P.

B.P = Before Pinterest.
I’m still unsure whether this was a blessing or a curse. (more…)