GUEST POST: 5 Afternoon Snack Hacks for Busy Parents

5 Afternoon Snack Hacks for Busy Parents Play With FoodSimone from Play With Food was my first online friend who became an In-Real-Life Friend.
The friendship was cemented by surviving Yum Cha with 4 kids under 4 upon our first meeting.
I love Simone’s passion for what she does. Her aim is “to delight the imagination and taste buds of kids with food!” Simone specialises in fussy eaters and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to ending meal battles and creating happier family mealtimes. I’m forever drawing on what she has taught me when I sit down for meals with my smalls. Simone is sharing some Afternoon Snack Hacks to help busy parents get through to dinnertime with happy kiddies.