Collage Bunny Easter Mask

Collage Bunny Easter Mask

A child made bunny mask with feathers

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I had no intention of sharing this bunny mask craft.
None. Whatsoever.

We hosted our littlest’s first birthday party on the weekend and celebrated with a Miffy theme.
It’s our last first birthday. All them feels.
Our kiddy parties always have a craft station for the little party-goers. I like to think of the craft station as a “Buying-Time-for-Parents-to-Eat-Cheese-and-Crackers-and-Have-a-Conversation” situation.
But of course it’s mainly for the little ones to get creative and indulge their craftiness.

The craft station is always popular but I was pleasantly surprised at how popular this simple crafty invitation was.
So I thought I’d share it with you, as well as the free printable template, in time for Easter.
And so that you too, can indulge in some cheese and crackers whilst the kids are entertained.
(We all deserve cheese and cracker time.)

What You Will Need:

Bunny Easter masks template DOWNLOAD BELOW
Craft knife or sharp scissors
Wooden dowel
Duct tape and washi tape
Collage materials – coloured paper, tissue paper, crepe paper
Glue (We used a good old glue stick)
Markers, paint pens, paint sticks, chalk pastels – whatever you have on hand!

A collection of child made bunny masks with collage

Tips and Tricks

Print and cut out the Bunny Easter mask template. Trace the bunny onto pieces of cardboard. I used all the old cardboard boxes from online shopping that have been piling up.

A child made bunny mask with collage

Due to the thickness of the cardboard I used, I used a craft knife to cut the masks out. I realised towards the end of the process that my craft knife was very, very blunt. Face palm. So my edges were pretty rough. Let’s call it rustic charm, yeah?
If you go the craft knife route, please use a cutting mat! Safety first, people!
If you use thinner cardboard, sharp scissors should do the job.

I then just taped the dowel to the back of the cardboard with decorative duct tape.

A child made bunny mask with collage

We actually made more masks a few days after the party, because I was interested to see if this project was still as popular.
It was a resounding yes.
I pulled the collage box out of the craft cupboard. I store all paper scraps in a fishing tackle box.
You can find some tips and tricks for collage with kids here.

I also offered paint sticks, Posca pens and chalk pastels.
Feel free to make use of whatever you have at hand.

In all honesty, it wasn’t a very organised set up.
There were materials flying everywhere. But I kinda love those kinds of sessions.
However, sometimes it is a good idea to limit the materials on offer as young artists can get overwhelmed by choice.

For me this experience highlighted how valuable it is to create alongside your littles.
Miss 4 has an intense love affair with colouring-in at the moment. She made about 4 masks in 10 minutes flat, using the markers and chalk pastels.

She then noticed my mask and proclaimed “That’s a masterpiece! I want to make one like that!”
So I sat with her and explained the process I undertook.
If I had attempted to guide her process like this from the start, she would not have had a bar of it. She is definitely a child who likes to go her own way.

Happy mask-making! And happy cheese-eating!

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