Gift Wrapping Ideas… Part 2

Gift_Wrapping_Ideas_Part_2I recently attempted to clear out my bookshelves.
I couldn’t bring myself to even throw out the most tattered, most battered of my books.
So I simply transferred them to my gift-wrapping cupboard.
Hoarder or Genius?


Gift Wrapping Ideas… Part 1

Gift Wrapping Ideas Part 1I suspect that I’ve put this post together to justify my ridiculous collection of washi tape and stationery.
This would partially be the truth.
I kinda just have this intense love of wrapping presents.
Do you feel me?
Like when you’re checking out after some online present shopping, and you’re asked if you’d like to get your goods gift wrapped.
I’m always like “Helllllll no!” I want that job all to myself. #simplepleasures