Monday Meander: Easter Edition

Oh Creative DayWelcome to the Week of the Bunny!
How is Easter celebrated at your place?
Easter is my favourite of all the celebrations.
It just doesn’t have the “pressure” associated with Christmas. I find it a much more laid back affair.
Plus, chocolate.
Here are some of my Easter-y faves from around the Web.


Monday Meander #19

Monday MeanderIf Grandpa arrived at your place, bearing the above sweet treats for your little ones, would you:
A) Immediately stage an intervention and confiscate them?
B) Allow the kids to devour them and then demand that grandpa babysits until the sugar high wears off?
C) Smile serenely. Thank Grandpa. Let the kids eat them and then deal with the aftermath with the patience of a saint? (more…)