READ + CREATE: Mister Seahorse Art Project

READ + CREATE: Mister Seahorse Art Project

READ: Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle
CREATE: Colourful seahorses with watercolour markers on aluminium foil

This Mister Seahorse art project uses a simple process that blew us away with the results.


Washable markers
Spray bottle
Aluminium foil
Paper – we used photo paper. Watercolour paper would also work nicely. You could use any paper but photo or watercolour papers really up the vibrance!
Seahorse template – download below

Use washable markers to draw on the non-shiny side of the aluminium foil in big blocks of colour.

Spray a light mist of water across the colour.
Press photo paper down onto colours. Peel away the paper to reveal your design.
Photo and watercolour papers are excellent for absorbing colours. You can absolutely use any kind of paper but results will vary.

Play with how you place the colours on the foil.
If your foil bunches up, this causes little rivers of colour that creates an interesting effect.

Download the printable seahorse template.

Cut out the template and trace the seahorse onto the back of your artwork.
Cut out your seahorse. Use your artwork scraps to add fins and details to your seahorse.

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