Oh Creative September

Oh Creative September blog feature
I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m totally turning into a Nanna (waaaay before my time.)
I get to the end of each month and say something along the lines of “Where did the month go?”
This month, I heard the C-word being bandied about.
Christmas is coming.
Which means only one thing. Christmas craft.
Time to start a-brainstorming.

Until then, here’s the September that was in the Oh Creative Day household. (more…)

Monday Meander #12

Roosevelt QuoteAfter attending a workshop on picture book writing last week, I needed to remind myself of these words from Roosevelt.
In between chopping up fruit, picking up numerous hair elastics and having squishy baby hugs, I’m trying to polish my manuscripts for submission.
And I need to remember….. little steps, little steps….
How has your week been? (more…)