Monday Meander

It feels as though everyone is coming out of early hibernation from the Southern Hemisphere winter.
I think I’ve socialised (or talked) with everyone I know in the last week.
Or perhaps all my friends are school teachers who only socialise on school holidays?!

So the past week has seen my consumption of sweet treats skyrocket.
Because catching up with friends is a perfectly proper excuse for high consumption of baked goods and sweet treats, right?
Next on my list of sweet treats to try is this recipe from Lucy.
She is the Queen of Cheesecake Balls.
3 Ingredient Caramel Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls?!
Don’t mind if I do!

Gather your shoeboxes people! The We Are Scout team have a darling craft tutorial on how to make a puppet theatre out of shoe boxes.

Check out 14 untranslatable words turned into illustrations.
I practise cafune daily with my Little Ladybird and her messy mop of hair.
I’ve also suffered from Age-Otori. A number of times. (Follow my directions, Hairdressers!)

In a few weeks, the Little Ladybird will be turning 2.
I’ll definitely be seeking inspiration from this list of 10 Simple DIY Cake Toppers.

Ahhh- the old ‘kids and leashes’ conundrum.
This post from Jess had me spluttering into my teacup (In a funny-ha-ha-wish-this-chick-was-in-my-Mothers’-Group kinda way.)

Did you know you could freeze wine? It’s a thing!
Actually, who the firetruck isn’t drinking all of their wine?
This list of 21 freezer hacks is eye-opening.

Yesterday on Instagram, you may have seen me posing with my favourite book.
(I call this my pensive-I-have-a-social-conscience-and-haven’t-brushed-my-hair look.)

It was as a part of Malala’s Books Not Bullets campaign.
Read more about the campaign and see other selfies here.

To Kill A Mockingbird’s sequel will be released tomorrow.
Will you be reading it? Or like me, are you a bit conflicted about reading it after hearing reports that Harper Lee vowed never to publish it?

What are you reading at the moment?
What is your favouritest of favourite books?

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